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Our mission is to inspire society and the world through discovering, applying and sharing knowledge, and recent accolades include Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education for our work in transforming the lives of African farmers; Guardian newspaper awards for research impact in the areas of fire safety engineering and subsistence agriculture, Rockefeller Grand Challenge Prize for cassava food innovation and several Times Awards for our collaborative research.

Our track record

Our research and enterprise portfolio is brimming with ambition, relevance and practical application. Pioneering discoveries made at Greenwich benefit people and organisations in many areas of life and work – helping industries, societies and communities continue competing, improving and evolving. Our research influences and enhances health, education, science, engineering, computing and social policy. The Greenwich Research and Enterprise (GRE) directorate is the underpinning professional services division that supports academic colleagues in the delivery of this portfolio.

Research Support

GRE's research development team manage all the university's research activity, from initial bids and applications through to project completion and product IP and commercialisation. 
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Enterprise Development Managers

Our team of Enterprise Development Managers (EDMs) work with companies to identify their business needs, on anything from product research and development to innovating new operational processes, to applying research-based solutions to business challenges.



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This scheme will be available to new undergraduate honours degree students only, who are starting a programme of study with us in 2018-19.

You will need to be assessed to pay fees at the home1 rate and be paying programme fees of over £6,165 for full-time students and over £4,624 for part-time students (where the part-time fee is pro-rata to a full-time fee of over £6,165 and is at least over £4,624 for study of 90 credits).

Students will also need to have a household income of less than £25,000 and must have made the university their firm choice by the May 2018 deadline.

Students do not need to apply for this scholarship and there are a capped number of awards: the university therefore will select candidates based on the eligibility criteria up to a certain number of awards. Priority for these scholarships will be given to students that have attended one of our feeder school or colleges as part of our commitment to widening access.

The selected eligible students will receive, in the first year of study only, a £1,000 fee waiver and £1,000 credited to an Aspire@Greenwich card. Part-time eligible students will receive a pro-rata fee waiver only, subject to the number of credits that they are taking in year one of study only.

Students who are also eligible for the £200 Aspire@Greenwich bursary for learning resources as detailed below will not receive the £200 as an addition to the £1,000. Students eligible for the £200 Aspire@Greenwich bursary will therefore receive this £200 credit as part of the £1,000 total award credited to the card under the Greenwich Scholarship scheme.

Students who are following part-time programmes or are EU nationals2 will not be eligible for the maintenance element of any Greenwich Scholarship Programme award and therefore would not receive the Aspire@Greenwich additional Bursary element of any GSP awarded.

Further eligibility criteria and conditions will apply and will be made available here shortly.

Please note that students who are:

  • Ordinarily resident1 in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • NHS funded students
  • Funded for Postgraduate Initial Teacher Training by the Teaching Agency (formerly the TDA)
  • Continuing from one programme to another
  • Transferring institutions
  • Students in the School of Pharmacy
  • Undertaking postgraduate qualifications
  • Part-time students undertaking less than 25% intensity of the full-time equivalent programme
  • Having their fees paid or part-paid through a sponsorship arrangement
  • Direct entry students
  • Studying for Equivalent or Lower Level Qualifications (ELQ)
  • Selected as qualifying for a High Achievement Scholarship



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