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PhD, Doctor of Philosophy

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is one the highest awarded degree at a UK university.

It requires you to complete an original Thesis on a substantial piece of work, judged by a team qualified already at doctorate level.

You will need a detailed research proposal, detailing the original study and showing how it fits with your education and experience to date.

Other research degrees include a Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) or Masters of Research (MRES), which prepare you for doctoral study if you do not quite meet the entry standard.

PhD Research Proposal 

You need a research proposal, which should include;

  • Area to be investigated
  • The issue, research question or hypothesis that is to be tested
  • The likely methods and techniques to be used in the investigation
  • The relationship of the proposed research to the published literature and current research in your field, and an indication of the contribution your thesis would make
  • Details of work you have already done in the proposed field
  • Your suitability as a researcher for the proposed project

This proposal enables the academic staff to assess your suitability for the programme, as it is 3 years of intensive work.